Eat more trotters and often drink fish broth to remove wrinkles and whiten.

Eat more trotters and often drink fish broth to remove wrinkles and whiten.

Introduction: Wrinkle removal and whitening have always been two topics that women care about during the skin care process. There are many methods for wrinkle removal and whitening. The most common is to gradually improve skin problems through skin care products, and finally achieve the expected results.

The other three tonic ingredients are trotter soup with jelly skin, fish and tofu soup, and Tremella lily syrup.

  Eat less wrinkles and eat more-pork trotters with frozen skin is very simple. Just go to the supermarket and buy fresh pork trotters. After cleaning, use hot water to blanch them.Goji berries, simmer over low heat.

After about an hour and a half, the soup will slowly turn yellow and yellow. Add salt, chicken essence, spring onion, and parsley.

  After drinking the hoof soup, you need to dispose of the leftover trotters, which is to remove the bones.

Put the rest of the pig’s feet back into the pot and cook with the remaining soup. After a while, fish it out, put it in a flat plate, cover it with plastic wrap, and freeze in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes., Frozen into skin.

The trotters are rich in collagen, which can keep the skin elastic and reduce wrinkles.

  Whitening and skin rejuvenation-fish and tofu soup is a good thing, rich in nutrients, sisters who like to eat fish believe that the skin is good, and tofu is a good whitening product.

Sisters who want whitening, I recommend this soup.

  Operation method: Take a yellow croaker and a piece of tofu.

First, clean the fish and put it in a low-heat stew in the pot. Stew until the fish is cooked, and then add tofu. Stew for about 10 minutes.

At this time in your kitchen, I believe that the fresh flavor of the fish soup is already filled, and then add some salt, chicken essence, some green onions, parsley, and a pot of beautiful and delicious fish soup.

  Frequent drinking of water and water-Tremella syrup Sydney water This sugar water is especially suitable for drinking when the skin is dry in autumn and winter. It can moisturize dry skin from the inside out. After drinking, the skin is dehydrated. I already liked pear, So almost remember to cook.

  Operation method: Take 1 Sydney and 4?
6 lilies?
10 tablets.

Cut the pears into chunks, about 4 large pieces.

Then put the above ingredients together and cook with water, cook for about 30 minutes.

Although there is pear, the taste of the soup is already sweet, but you can put some rock candy, it is sweet and it has a kind of happiness.

You do n’t have to eat the lily, but Tremella is a matter of personal preference.

  Message from the editor: Generally speaking, if you want to achieve wrinkle removal and whitening effects, food supplements are healthier and safer than using skin care products. I believe there is always one for you.