Driving on the road for nearly three hours,They finally arrived at a luxury hotel in the provincial capital,Someone has lit a salute long ago。Xia Jihan saw the tall and handsome figure sitting in the car,Waiting at the door of the hotel,Standing next to him is Chang Yuan。There are a few young people in the secretary department,Ding Hai is also in the crowd。

Because of Shan Yong sitting in the BMW car,Li Wei has already surpassed the Audi team,Parked the car in a place where the hotel was not in the way,Shan Yong got off the car early video,Xia Jihan got out of the car,Immediately,Guan Hao caught her petite figure,Simultaneously,The two pairs of eyes quickly collided。
Xia Jihan’s face turned red,He must have seen his message。
When he saw her coming out of the BMW,When I saw Li Wei coming out,A trace of hostility gathered in the eyes immediately,There is no disguise,He must think he came in a BMW alone。
Xia Jihan, Li Wei and Yu Jie and others,Was given to a luxurious and elegant room as a maiden,Guan Hao and Chang Yuan are responsible for receiving these natal guests。
When Chang Yuan smiled and brought a plate of pastries,Xia Jihan and Yu Jie stood up hurriedly。Chang Yuan said:“You’re welcome,According to our habit of Ducheng,Have some fruit tea first,Must be hungry。”
Xia Jihan and Yu Jie said quickly:“Thank you Mayor Chang,We are not hungry。Thank you。”
Chang Yuan said:“take it easy,Secretary Guan and I are service staff today,The main task is to entertain good mothers,As long as the mother’s family doesn’t bother,Today’s wedding banquet is a success。”
Yu Jie said:“Mayor Chang, don’t say that?We are a family,Where is the real mother’s family?。”Yu Jie pointed his finger at the relatives of Li Wei and Liu Mei。
Li Wei heard what Yu Jie said,Came over with a cigarette in his hand,Said:“We are in the same camp,Do not engage in division at critical moments。”
Yu Jie smiled and introduced Chang Yuan:“This is Liu Mei’s cousin,Also our cousin,This is our Mayor Chang。”
Li Wei and Chang Yuan shook hands with each other。
Xia Jihan saw Guan Hao talking to those relatives,He looks at her from time to time。at last,He strode over,Yu Jie gave another introduction to Guan Hao and Li Wei。
Guan Hao took the initiative to reach out,Said:“Hello there。”
Li Wei looked up at him,Also reached out and said:“Hello there。”
“Where does Mr. Li get rich?”Although they all know the composition of the relatives and friends in advance,But Guan Hao is still politely greeting。