Now I find that Ye Wenwen is not only beautiful,Good personality,And cook good food,I heard it’s an undergraduate,Then there is no confidence。

Cheap but not good,Good goods are not cheap,They still understand this truth。
This future daughter-in-law is too good,Put them under a lot of pressure。
Even Ye Wenwen doesn’t care,but,Her parents might not care。
People of that era,Who has not been whipped by reality?Who hasn’t bowed his head in front of reality?
I’m talking about borrowing money,It can be seen that Father Fang has no confidence in his heart。
Fang Hao scratched his head,Said:“There shouldn’t be a big problem, right?Her father died early,Her mother remarried a few years ago,She is alone now,Betrothal,Shouldn’t be that important——Isn’t that the left hand to the right hand??”
Fang’s father let go。
Even a little bit of joy。
But I think this is too unkind,So I sighed,Said:“This child has a hard life,No wonder so sensible,You have to treat her well。”
“That is that is。”Fang Hao said。
Actually there is still some guilty conscience。
Mainly thought of and Shan Rou。