Lin Yan sighed,Shook his head and went out,And Bibi Dong turns around like a little girl。

Lin Yan returned to her room and began to study the seven-in-one fusion technique,Although everyone’s power was passed on to Tang San, it also had great flaws.,That is, the six people behind him can’t move,This is also the biggest flaw,Today, if the new kamikaze offensively, they can definitely break their martial arts fusion skills.,But they proudly defeated the measurement of sneak attacks。
Lin Yan summoned the soul-breaking gun and checked it,Although Lin Yan has great power,But if you use it all, he can’t control it,This is also his flaw,He always feels that he can’t integrate with the Soul Breaker,I can only wait after level 70。
Shrek will definitely change the lineup tomorrow,Wuhun fusion skills are absolutely impossible to use again,Otherwise, Tang San will either die or be injured,At this time, Bibi Dong also summoned several people from the Wuhundian Academy to discuss Tang San’s Wuhun fusion skills.。
“After I fuse the external soul bone, my strength has improved a step,And another white color appeared on the soul-breaking gun,There are only two colors left now,Black and orange,What exactly are these?”Lin Yan secretly,He has searched for these two things many times,I also tried to use the power of the earth,But still not working,It’s easy to give up in the end,These two energies are also the hardest to find。
Lin Yan began to practice after a while,Cultivation can’t be pulled down,Strive to break through the fifty-level threshold within one year,Officially stepped into the realm of the soul king。
Lin Yan came to the competition venue at noon the next day,This competition will be held at noon,So Lin Yan didn’t come so early!
Everyone is here,Lin Yan came directly to Bibi Dong,Bibi Dong’s face is still so red,very cute,Don’t even dare to look at Lin Yan,Lin Yan wanted to laugh so much。
Chapter 41 Seven Title Douluo
“The finals of the Continent Advanced Soul Master Elite Competition will begin soon,Invite both players to enter,The Shrek Academy team entered the final with the second place in the Tiandou Division,Also defeated many powerful opponents one after another in the final,Proved to us,They have the strength to stand in the finals。”
“Wuhundian Academy,Has always been the overlord in this final,Evil moon,Yan,Hu Liena,It is the youngest winner of the Purple Record Medal in history,Called the Golden Generation of Wuhun Palace,Although our Young Master did not play this time,But we all know that Young Master is defending the dignity of the Spirit Hall。”
Lin Yan witnessed the people under him,Lin Yan leaped lightly to the highest point,Took out a bag of hip flask and started drinking。
Bibi Dong looked back,Turn your head and look at several people with a chuckle,Lin Yan can do whatever she wants,She will never stop him。
“So arrogant Lin Yan!”Ning Fengzhi frowned,Even Chenxin clenched his fists,Looking at Bibi Dong coldly, he also dropped his fist,Trembling all over。
“There is only one winner,Who can win the crown,I announce the Shrek Academy of Wuhundian Academy Team,Game start!”
“Humph!”Bibi Dong snorted and looked at the competition venue:“Everybody,I also ask you to show all your strength,Don’t be stubborn!”
Lin Yan drank and watched the battle under him,The seven Shrek monsters are all trapped in the red mist, unable to extricate themselves,And the demon rushed in,Although the strength of this battle is far different, it does not mean that Shrek will lose.。
Sure enough, under Oscar’s spirit ability, the other six people flew out directly,Only Tang San and Yaomei left in the red mist,And the other six of the Shrek Seven Devils also fought against the other five of the Spirit Hall。