Meng Yushan came to Xiao Yao at this time.,He is a big disciple under the Han Feng real people.,Get started for many years,Even if Xiao Jo is a young disciple,Can be repaired,Meng Yushan Yuan Yueti。

“Xiao Shi,May be willing to fight with me?”
Meng Yushan’s mouth is polite,But the Sword in the hands has been alert.,Sharp,It is the landation of war,“You are the old disciple of Qing Dai,I want to teach someone.。”
A small piece of area surrounded by a silence,Look at these two unconsciously。
Meng Yushan picks Xiao Di as an opponent,It is not appropriate to mention it.,Founded in the elderly。
But Meng Yushan does not have many,Since Xiao Jie introduced,This person is outside the limelight,Favorite is always a cold look,No one in ten;He as a big disciple,Instead, I have been compared.,In the heart, if there is anything, it is finally suppressed today.,I want to teach this Xiao Shi by better teaching.,Don’t be too arrogant。
Xiao Yao finger lightly,Will talk。
枝 看 看 时 机 机,Two steps have been in front of Xiao Yao,Look at Meng Yushan’s line of sight:“I am also the old disciple of Qing Dai.,I better than you。”
Xiao Yao,The eyes naturally fell on the branches of the front,There is no wave in the eyes,The eyebrow is very short, I’m very short.。
Everyone is waiting around,I have exposed the light of gossip in my eyes.,Cause no:
This teacher and Xiao Shi brother are entry in the same year.,I will be in the old door of Qing Dynasty.。At first, Yan Zhi was only three days to harass Xiao.,Day long,I am a matter of extreme entanglement for Xiao Yao.,Make a lot of bold pursuit of tongue;Also regard Xiao Jie as all,Do not allow others to close to him。
However, what is the benefits of this fire??
A few days ago, the branch is in bed.,Xiao Shi brothers can not see her,The big ratio is in this day,Xiao Yao did not pay attention to her。This is not,Can’t put it off,I don’t hesitate to stop Meng Yushan, I have to pay attention to Xiao Jo.。
Present,No exception,I feel that Yan Zhi is to pay attention to Xiao Yao.,I don’t have to get so much.,After all, she always followed Xiao Joji regardless of everything.。
However, actually,Yan Zhi just wants to hick。
This plot is there in the original。
Meng Yushan heart has unprecedented challenge Xiao Yao,Cross-level hit the rising new star man,This is a dangerous,But Meng Yushan gathers the spiritual force,Just in this game,Not only didn’t hurt the male master,Also misunderstood misunderstandings“Star river fortune”。
Such a good woman,Do not drill white!
Cannon gray king is me!
With an infinite embarrassment of the leakage,枝 身,Standing between Xiao Yanda and Meng Yushan。
Meng Yushan looked at this posture、Teenage girl,Wassed by her clear eyes,The sword that has been razed is stable.,Immediately thought that she is Xiao Jie’s faithful followers.,Heartcut:“Yan Shi,I know that you are to maintain Xiao Shi,Some things also need strength,Don’t be too blind。”
竹 得 未 未 未 未 未,Xiao Jo’s voice is also passed down:
“Not necessarily,I can play。”
You can’t fight, I am fighting my ass.?The problem is that I will only play him if I want to advance.。
Yan Zhi looked back Xiao Yao,I keep this, this is my own hostile man.,The black and white declaration of the apricots will be big.,Want to make a front relative,But I don’t know that it is more like this.,With a bloody lips with bloody,Actually a bit of poor。
Xiao Yao。
枝 回 回,Reiterally reaffirming Meng Yushan:“I am more than you。”
Also added:“Meng Division is not looking down, I am a woman.,Do not want to repair with women?”
“You don’t need to do this。”
Xiao Jo’s voice came again,More serious and serious,“Don’t always think what you think is right.。”
Probably from the day of entering the teacher,Yan Zhi is close to him with various reasons,I never hide his favorite,If you love, you can hang your mouth.,The longer the time, the more it is more,I will do my own ideas in many things.“Protect him”Thing,Even if he doesn’t need it at all。