White woman cold channel:“You are not neon people at all,You are from Huaxia,Right?”

“Actually you found it,I always thought that I was hidden.!”Liao Wenjie,Everyone is a smart person,That set of paragraphs that have never memorized three years ago,He didn’t take it out.。
in addition,I haven’t begged the undercover.,Continue to succeed??
“This face is not your true face,let me see,who are you!”White woman is knew,At the same time thinking,Which masters I have seen and Liao Wenjie。
no,Don’t say suspected,Even if you can pull the relationship,As if Liao Wenjie is from the stone,I didn’t have this person before the root.。
“This is indeed my true face.,No one skin mask,Don’t believe you……”Liao Wenjie raised his hand,But how do you look like a ghost face?。
Yushan Huangquan:“……”
The guy opposite is not cared at her life and death.,I know that I don’t do it.。
“hehe,No need for sophistry,I know this is not your true face.,As for who you are,I don’t care.。”
Woman said:“This ghost nest can not enter,Without my allowance,No one can’t escape。”
“really,Quite。”Liao Wenjie nodded。
http://www.sportsmagazine.cnI still want to see the sun in tomorrow.,Just pick your intention,You kill the purpose of the three-way river and macro,What is the sake of robbing the killing stone??”
“Tianwei Dibao has a morality,I am strong than him.,Grab the murderous stone reason。”
“Do not,You, I know,The murderous stone is not so simple,Don’t worry now,Say your purpose!”The woman tightly the long knife,Leave a blood marks in Yellow Quan neck。
There are other uses of murderous stones.!
Harvest intelligence,The problem has become more,Liao Wenjie,Let the woman say something well,Don’t move, take people to do it.,Direct opening indicates the purpose of robbing the murderous stone:“True is too fake,Say you may not believe,I admire the name before Jade algae,I want to resurrect it,See if you really have a peerless。”
“You fool http://www.lijibangbangji.cn me?”Woman,The knife is going to give blood to Yushan Huangquan。
“I said that the truth is too fake.,You are not listening。”
Liao Wenji mouth,See Yellow Huangquan Madian Angry,Deconsive:“Tell you by truth,I came to kill the stone replica,I don’t think about who I have destroyed.,The behind-the-scenes black hand has Heyu layout。”
“From Huaxia Continent?”
White woman is laughing:“Ghostatic guy,We never bring the killing stone replica to Huaxia mainland,How can you see the stone replicate?。”
Liao Wenjie:“……”
Mostly,It turns out that he is in an intelligence,Opposite the same idea。
“Say your true purpose,If we have no contradiction between us,I can take you to see the leader.,He has a temptation you can’t refuse。”
“It is said that it is tempting.,Is definitely not a good thing?。”
http://www.cwj-dj.cn Liao Wenjie shakes his head,Straightforward:“Your leader is also a person who is a Jiusi.?”
The woman immediately stunned.,Demonstrate:“You really know me?”
“It’s not,You just give people a dog……”
Liao Wenjie sighed:“Originally planned,If necessary, under the undercover into your organization,Now it seems,Your care is too heavy,Undecider is not possible。”
“Humph,It seems that you still have tomorrow.。”