When the earth is just shouting this sentence,Liu Sheng No. 1 has launched missiles,Directly drilled into the bottom of the water,A missile locked the following hitting an unknown object。

Want to send a snoring of the emperor of the beast,The horror sound is blown on the water bottom,Those missiles seem to be disturbed,There have been changes in trajectory。
A huge metal iron ball hit the bottom of Liu Sheng No.1。
It is like a nuclear explosion,Liu Sheng No.1 rose huge mushroom cloud,Directly drown in the fire sea,And in which the stored explosives,torpedo,The ballistics have been detached at this moment.,Chain explosion。
NS643chapter Flee
East Big Day,Liu Sheng Xi Tianzun strong leader-level characters have roared,powerful,Terrible martial arts,Successfully resist the horror power of this explosion,Will Liu Shengxiacings in it。
Otherwise, this has long been hanging.。
The east Baby Day and Liu Shengxi two strong people have seen cold and looked at the burning Liu Sheng http://www.ycxgmy.cn No.1。
Two horrible breath rises from them。
“No sorry!”Liu Sheng has a powerful airflow,This airflow is directly directly for peerless swordsman,Great swords that condense into a high Baizhang directly pierce Liu Sheng No.1,Then the post under the sea。
“Big day!”
Eastern Big Daily Red Explosion,Condensing into a round of light thousands of big bars directly into Liu Sheng No.1,And then enter the sea。
Dramatic explosion sound,Seawater blown,Giant waves。
At the same time, the two strong people directly turned into two lights to rush to the bottom of the sea.。
But what is the shadow?。
“asshole!”Liu Sheng has no sword looking at the bottom of the water,He vaguely saw a golden big rhapton outside a few hundred meters.。
East Boss is also roaring,Crazy chase。
But the http://www.363dai.cn more the two people are, the slower the speed.,Of course, the figure is getting closer and closer.。
“I rubbed!”
Golden big python is a sentence。
“A gasification three dragons!”
Golden big hizza,Blood gas,Rounded zone,boom,Blow two giant sound explosions,Two golden big veins have been in the water,Divided into two directions rushing to the bottom of the water。
Every golden big python is thundered。
The three golden big rips are ridden along different directions.。
Eastern Broad Day and Liu Sheng have a sword,They are completely stupid,They don’t want to meet such things.,There is three golden big python run to three directions.。
“It must be illusion!”The east boss and Liu Sheng have a sword.,The figure of the two strong people has rushed to the two golden big snakes.,But http://www.zrzhe.cn soon, they found it wrong.。
Because these two golden big tons are getting slower and slower.。