A share market is now mask machine layout tide performance contribution attracts regulatory attention

A share market is now “mask machine” layout tide performance contribution attracts regulatory attention

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  Original title: The ready-made “mask machine” layout tide in the A-share market, and performance contributions have led regulators to gradually control the new crown pneumonia epidemic. At present, enterprises in regions other than Hubei have begun to resume work.

The outbreak of the epidemic was compounded by the resumption of work during the Spring Festival. Masks became one of the most in short supply of prevention and control materials. In order to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention and control materials, the whole country has mobilized all efforts to resume production and increase production.

  The initial resumption of work by enterprises is good news for the economic growth in the first quarter, and it must also put a test on the production capacity of the national masks.

  Zhang Yu (Jin Qilin analyst), chief analyst of Huachuang Securities, said that after full production resumes, it will cost at least 5 per person per day.

300 million masks.

If in extreme cases, the secondary industry alone, medical workers and the transportation industry resume work, it will also require 2 per day.

3.8 billion pieces. If the consumption of medical personnel in severe epidemic areas such as Hubei is more than 5 per day and the 4-hour replacement recommendation is implemented, the daily consumption of masks will be more.

  Overall, the supply of raw materials for the conventional mask industry chain is sufficient.

The current masks are falling off. In addition to the sudden rise in epidemic demand and other factors, equipment is also a major replacement for production capacity.

At the moment of the epidemic, a large number of listed companies in the field of equipment manufacturing cut upstream equipment for masks and develop and produce mask equipment.

  Large companies deploying the “mask machine” business to produce the most important equipment for the production of masks. Mask machines are now even more difficult to find.

On February 5, the National Health Commission issued a press conference saying, “For some companies worrying about future overcapacity, we once again propose that the government will collect and store surplus production after the epidemic. As long as it meets the standards, companies can open upFull power organization production.

“The Air Force’s Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology has issued a document that awards production equipment to key urgently needed equipment such as mask machines and key components.

The reward is based on the actual shipment or delivery time of the equipment, and the reward amount can be up to 50% of the equipment bid.

The maximum award amount for a single enterprise does not exceed 30 million yuan.

  The government’s support and demand growth have also promoted the listed companies to accelerate the layout of the mask production machine business.

On the evening of February 20, Golden Sun (300606.

SZ) The director said on the investor interaction platform that Golden Sun, as a high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing system solution provider, and the company ‘s holding subsidiary Golden Sun Precision, independently developed and manufactured automatic mask production equipment to meet the needs of the epidemic.We are doing our best to manufacture and deliver orders in and out of the province to meet market demand as quickly as possible.

The company also stated that it expects to have a positive impact on the performance of its subsidiaries.

  The sky eye inspection shows that Golden Sun is a traditional manufacturing company that researches, develops, produces and sells high-grade, precision coated abrasives classified by the military.

The company’s precision parts intelligent manufacturing business segment accounts for 40% of the company’s revenue. The main strategic customers are: Jabil Technology, Changying Precision, Fei Rongda, Jingyi and Lingzhizhizhu.

  Golden Sun’s secretary also revealed that the current subsidiary is going all out to manufacture and deliver orders in and out of the province, to meet market demand at a rapid pace, to complete orders as soon as possible, and to deliver them to customers.

Affected by this news, the press was terminated, and Golden Sun had almost reached its previous daily limit at 29.

54 yuan / share.

  Earlier, on February 14, Zhiyun shares (300097.

SZ) Announcement states that Shenzhen Xinsanli Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, is actively developing equipment required for mask production to assist mask factories in expanding production capacity.

  Win Hop Technology (300457.

SZ) also said that it is urgent to develop and produce a medical plane medical mask full automatic integrated machine, and cooperate with Zhende Medical (603301).

(SH) Signed a cooperation agreement to develop a KN95 mask (M95) automatic production line.

At present, the company has initially reached the first batch of medical mask production equipment supply agreements with the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and gradually completed the delivery of 100 equipment at a speed, and preferentially retained 20 equipment to fully assist the epidemic area.

  The performance contribution citation regulations address the development of mask machines for the needs of the epidemic. Listed companies that produce them are mostly in the field of equipment manufacturing. Although the company’s natural technology advantages can be used, the impact on performance growth remains to be seen.

Some listed companies said that the business will have a positive impact on performance and also attracted regulatory attention.

  An analyst in the machinery industry told reporters, “Overall, in the short term, listed companies are still in the R & D and production stage of mask equipment. There is a process from sales to performance, and subsequent production capacity depends on the development of the epidemic.It is difficult to make a clear judgment on the impact of the first quarter and expected results.

In the evening of February 20, East China Heavy Machinery (002685.

SZ) received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange asking the company to indicate whether Runstar Technology has the ability to independently produce mask machines, whether there is a substance that requires copyright authorization from other parties, and whether the mask machines produced are OEM for other partiesAs of now, the order of mask machines that Runstar Technology has received, including quantity, total price, delivery cycle and other factors.

  In addition, Zhengye Technology (300410.

SZ), the previous average value of Zhiyun shares recorded a good increase in recent days, the former February 11?On the 12th, the two consecutive boards also issued a reduction of 379 by the controlling shareholder.
Announcement of 350,000 shares.

The single is expected to be possible in 20196.

500 million-6.

At $ 5.5 billion, the daily limit was announced on the third day after it announced its entry into the “mask mask” army.

  The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has issued a letter of concern to Zhengye Technology and Zhiyun Co., Ltd. to inquire about the specific research and development of mask full-automatic production equipment and subsequent reduction plans.

  On February 14th, Zhengye Technology responded to the letter of concern and stated that it would officially accept orders from February 10.
On February 13, the company’s mask production equipment business gradually ordered 45 units in hand (paid deposit or signed contract), with a total contract amount of 1,560.

50,000 yuan, the equipment deposit has been 821.

770,000 yuan; another 161 units of intentional order are under negotiation.

According to the overall schedule and orders in hand, the product has not yet had a significant impact on the company’s performance.

It is expected that the operating performance of the mask equipment production business operating company in 2020 will have a certain impact.

  A market insider pointed out, “From the concept of masks to the concept of mask machines, some individual stocks have been expanded, and it is estimated that there is room for short-term speculation that is easy to attract funds. The short-term performance cannot be used as a basis for performance expectations.

“” Relatively speaking, the production process of masks is relatively large and simple.

The value-added of a set of fully automatic production equipment is not high, and investment recovery is relatively easy.

For equipment manufacturers with heavy assets, it is an affordable financial pressure.

And the epidemic is over, the government will buy and store equipment, “analysts pointed out.” However, relatively inexpensive equipment may not rule out the possibility of company OEM sales. Whether the specific impact on the performance of listed companies can be affected, investors should pay attentionJudge the risk and don’t blindly follow the trend.

The Minsheng Securities Research Report also pointed out that assuming a fully automatic mask equipment of 300,000 to 350,000, each device can produce 100 masks per minute, and the daily production capacity is 24 hours without interruption.

40,000 masks.

It will be sold at an average selling price of 1 yuan after commissioning, assuming a gross profit margin of 20% and a one-day gross profit of 30,000 yuan. The investment payback 武汉夜生活网 period after production is extremely short.