[How to eat walnuts to cough]_ treatment of cough _ efficacy

[How to eat walnuts to cough]_ treatment of cough _ efficacy

The nutritional value of walnuts is quite diverse. I believe everyone understands that walnuts can also be used in traditional Chinese medicine after drying. In this way, a warming effect can be achieved, which will not affect manyThe patient’s body caused a very large injury. At least patients who often cough can also eat walnuts to achieve the purpose of cough. Only in this way can they have a bowel and laxative effect.

Sweet, flat, warm, non-toxic, slightly bitter, slightly astringent.

Walnuts are sweet, warm, and enter the kidney, lungs, and large intestine.

Can nourish the kidney, solid essence and strong waist, warm the lungs and asthma, moisturize the bowel.

Indications: Kidney deficiency, wheezing, low back pain; (woody compartment in the nucleus) bitter, warm; kidney, astringent.


Breaking blood and removing stasis: used for complications such as blood stagnation, amenorrhea, abdominal pain due to blood stasis, madness of blood storage, bruising and bruising.


Runzao and smooth intestines: stools for intestinal dry constipation are difficult to resolve.

This product has bitter discharge and blood stasis, blood into the liver, blood circulation and menstruation with complications, stasis and new functions, and those with severe blood stasis.

In addition, it has the functions of intestinal moistening and cough.

First, reduce the risk of depression. The intake of rich omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts can reduce the risk of depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cancer, and dementia.

Second, reduce the risk of diabetes. Consuming 2 ounces of about 60g of walnuts a day is less likely to develop diabetes and tumors.

Third, reduce the risk of diabetes Women who insist on eating nuts five times a week reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by nearly 30%.

Unsaturation in nuts is harmful for insulin breakdown.

Fourth, reduce stress Walnut oil in walnuts has the effect of reducing blood static pressure, and changes in eating habits can better help our body cope with external stress.

Five, walnut starch, autumn and winter to eat walnuts is the best season to eat walnuts for several months in a row, you can black hair.

The daily dosage is 4-5 most suitable.

Don’t eat too much a day, stick to eating every day.