Ding Yi thought about it:“Visit representative,Estimated time will not be long。no problem,I want to bring my nephew。”

Lang Faqian looked at her and said:“Where did you put him,I can’t follow you in the interview?”
At this moment,Wang Jun is here,After Wang Jun asked about the situation,Said:“Don’t worry about the baby,I will pick you up,Take care of。”
Lang Faqian looked at Wang Jun,Speak meaningfully:“you?”
“Yes,I have no interview assignment,After picking up,We eat at the meeting,And wait for her at the hotel,what happened?Can’t it??”Wang Jun looked at the director and smiled。
Lang Faqian glared at him,Look at Ding Yi again,Said:“That’s your business,You can disassemble it yourself,I do not care。”Talking,Just walked away。
Ding Yi said:“director,are you free?”
Wang Jun said:“do not forget,I’m the interview team leader of our TV station,Under instructions to have a leader,Work with you,Of course I’m okay。just,Can I pick up the child when I go to school?or,I’m going with you now,After picking up the child, it happened to be the dinner。”
Ding Yi said:“Shall we go now??”
Wang Jun said:“Nothing,The leader sees the representative after dinner,Of course it will be fine。”
Ding Yi got in Wang Jun’s car,Came to the door of learning,Here,There have been many parents picking up their children。
Ding got out of the car,She is standing outside the school gate,I saw a team of elementary school students walking out holding the class card,The students in Xiaohu’s class also lined up,But no tiger。She was going in to find,At this moment,Xiaohu was unexpectedly sent out by the class teacher。
The teacher handed Xiaohu’s schoolbag to Ding Yi,Said:“Xiaohu Lu feels a little sick this afternoon,I said to call you and ask you to pick him up to see a doctor,But this kid won’t let it,Said Auntie is going to the conference today,Insist on waiting for school,I just took his temperature,Does burn。You should take him to the hospital for an examination。”
Ding Yiyi,Touched Xiaohu’s head,It’s really hot,Just say:“Thank you, teacher,I will take him to the hospital。”
Ding Yi led Xiaohu out,Touched his head and said:“Silly boy,No matter how busy Auntie is, I have to see you first。”
Xiaohu’s face burned a little red,Eyes can’t open,Said:“Mainly I feel okay,Aunt, hurry up and finish the two sessions,You can follow me to test the airplane。”