“My grassxNixMa!Shen Huan, you lunatic!You don’t want to die?Crazy crazy!”

He speeds up,While chasing Shen Huan。
But even Fu Wei didn’t notice it,He doesn’t accelerate as hard as he did just now。
Because according to the madness of Shen Huan just now,If two cars collide,Definitely die together。
Fu Wei can only let the car in the very beginning stage,While turning,A little bit of fun,But I never dare to drive at this speed,Collided with Shen Huan’s car。
He feels that his life is very precious,I can’t die with Shen Huan。
And just when he chased Shen Huan,Shen Huan almost rushed in with Chai Xu3Turn。
3The number of corners should be smaller,But because after going out, it’s a long straight road,So Chai Xu didn’t slow down much,Kept in90Kilometer,Ready to transfer directly,Just speed up。
I didn’t expect,When he just saw the corner exit,Suddenly a white shadow passed by him,Rushed out directly from the edge of the outer ring。
what happened!?
Chai Xu’s pupils shrank suddenly。
Three cars on the track,Only Shen Huan’s Toyota86Is white!