“Not bad!I can finally eat some food!”Feng Xichuan grabbed Xiao Zhao, who just wanted to flatter, and went out to eat at the roadside stall downstairs.。

“sure,Boss Guo,The trick of hiding the mechanical beetle in the ice almost fooled me!”Lu Yi sincerely praised Guo Yinzhe。
“If it’s not for you to tell me the exact location of the shield,I would never think of setting the beetle into the ice that he has not completely solidified,By the way, Master Lu,How did you accurately predict his next position?”Guo Yinzhe doubted。
“Don’t talk about each other in business!Shunzi and I arrived,Don’t you escape the drug ring together??
”Anna Cao focused on the game before,Hit his record2Kills,It seems that I happened to miss the good show of Lu Yi and Guo Yinzhe fighting two masters。
“……?”Guo Yinzhe looked at Lu Yi suspiciously。
“You http://www.027liyi.cn still have a few bullets?”Lu Yi asked。
“5Pieces。”Guo Yinzhe answered。
“You can lie to me,Say there are only three。”Lu Yi smiled。
“How do you know that I didn’t lie to you?what?Really only three?”Guo Yinzhe was surprised。
Lei Di Jiao Li Nei will watch the rest of the people。
“If you don’t leave,Shunzi and I are gone!”Cao Anna stepped on the gas and left Lu Yi and Guo Yinzhe behind。
“Melon girl!Don’t press my body!”Zhang Song saw that the position where his body was lying down was crushed by the red jeep driven by Cao Anna to produce a gray tire mark,Heartbroken immediately、Grief!
“Forget it,you twoPKBar,My stomach growls,Let’s find the president and the others to eat at the street stall!”Zhang Song doesn’t seem to care about the results of Guo Yinzhe and Lu Yi.,Because no one seems to believe,Game rookie Guo Yinzhe can defeat a god http://www.fangxiandani.cn of Lu。
“I know why they go……”Guo Yinzhe saw Cao Anna and Shunzi’s jeep leaving,Feng Xichuan、Zhang Song et al。
“Don’t care about others,You see how fast the poison circle shrinks,We two can’t get out20In seconds you will be submerged in the prophet http://www.njlhj.cn virus。”Lu Yi reminded。