It seems that the same is twenty-year-old,Wear a blue robe,The eyes are like a hook,Full of evil。

He does not take care of the woman around him.,Directly,Suddenly attracted dissatisfaction。
Come to the near,He grabbed the hands of the summer,You finally come,Interested as a captain?……
Look excited,There is even a tremble in the sound.。
Summary in summer,The left small fish next to it is also a tongue.。
what’s the situation!
Still waiting for two people to react,The girls surrounded all.。
Hao Lang, what do you mean?!
right,We respect you is the captain,You actually be so for us。
I want to go straight.,Why bother to cover up。
right,Is our thorn flower still lacking a captain?
The Zhuang Jian next to it really can’t see it.,Dislike,What do you do,The player has no players.,The captain did not have the captain’s majesty……
Men’s face,Improve summer hand,Straight back,Pair of hands,Mattery,right,What are you doing?,so rude,Is this easy for me?,I broke your heart every day.。
The girls have revealed over the white eyes.,Or blame,Laughter。
Summer is considered,This is only afraid of a thorn flower team.‘daily’。
And you can see it,Although these girls have no big small,But they have a clear attitude toward youth.。
This atmosphere is not disgusting,Instead, give people a harmonious friendly。
At this time,Youth dry cough named Hao Lang,That is immediately to the left fish,Sudden eyes bright。
This master is so beautiful。
Talk time,The double eyebird with hooks,Evil。
okay,no kidding。
Zhuang Wei is very tired,team leader,His name is Wang Wei,This is the left fish,I have been familiar with them.,Trouble you go to Hu Laodi,Receive new things related to things。
Um?Hao Lang,Are we not prepared here??
Zhuang Wei is angry,I am planning to recruit new students this year.……
There is no left.。
Hao Lang hate iron is not steel,You talk about you,How is this deputy captain?……Row,I am going to get a newborn manual.。