Remember what Xiaohuo said on the phone before,Said the other party fled towards Yuehua Road to the east,Li Tianzhen immediately thought of a place,A place where Sun Guaizi’s Chen Bin used to be,Is aKTV,Rebuilt from an abandoned factory,There is a big warehouse behind,Located on Yuexiang Road, which is parallel to Yuehua Road,The two streets are very close。

Li Tianchou has been to thisKTV,The name seems to be‘Emperor’,In order to find Peng Weihua,He checked Chen Bin and Dong Hui’s many industries and footholds,Some impression,Large scale。
Regardless of Wang Fan、Brothers of the Hua Family or Xue Monkey,The sites are all in the north or west of the city,While in the city、The large areas in the east of the city are all within Sun’s sphere of influence,If the other party really wants to set a trap,Run towards Yuehua Road again,It’s really a great place there。
Broad daylight,With the nature of meatKTVMostly closed,The emperor in front of youKTVSame door closed,The appearance is still the same five years ago,The opening hours to see the house number will be after 4:30 in the afternoon。
There are dark curtains behind the floor-to-ceiling glass at the door,Can’t see the situation inside,Ryoko and his motorcycle were not found around,Li Tianzhen listened carefully,Detour immediatelyKTVBehind,There is a narrow laneway entrance,He saw the motorcycle parked not far from the entrance at a glance,A total of four,It’s a mess,At the same time there was a faintly noisy voice。
Li Tianzhen listened,It is easy to distinguish the sound of quarrel and fight,Roadway is very narrow,One side is a wall,On one side is the very old factory back door,This one has already been discontinued,The door is also half closed,Only a low door on one side is vacant,no doubt,These stunned youths have already rushed in。
Born in the ranks,Plus in‘Ranger’’S experience makes Li Tianzhen cautious,Speculate from the current situation,Opponents can basically frame Sun Guaizi,Maybe there is the shadow of Ahao,Although he doesn’t know why everyone was conspired by the Hua brothers last night,But he knows the whole world of Fukuyama,Sun Kaizi is definitely Uncle Geng’s enemy。
Li Tianzhen chose a place far away from the small door to climb the wall,Two rows of tall spire long rooms greet the eye,Is the warehouse he has seen,The open area in the middle is used for unloading and loading and temporary parking of vehicles,Half a meter below the wall is a shed built with asbestos tiles。
As expected,There is a guard behind the small doorway,Two guys each holding a short stick,I’m hiding in the corner and chatting bored,Occasionally I stretch my neck and take a look,And then quickly retracted back,This will not pose any threat to Li Tianzhen,He tried to use perception to observe farther,Hazy at first,It slowly became clear later,There are no other ambushes around,It is estimated that the two horses in the corner only serve as a temporary lookout。
Fortunately, the perception is not lost,It’s just a lot worse than before,Although very uncomfortable,But Li Tianzhen couldn’t force it,Wake up from the unknown after all,Everything has to be explored slowly,Slowly learn to adapt,He doesn’t know if he can return to the world where the gods and demons invaded,But survival is equally important now。
Li Tianzhen has a preliminary understanding of the overall body,With the disappearance of God,All magical powers fail,Can not summon gods and war puppets,But the abilities you once possessed still exist,It’s just that the power is greatly reduced under the help of lack of vitality,Is equivalent to returning to join‘Ranger’Level shortly after,Actually enough。
The roof of the asbestos tile may be a long time,Very fragile,Li Tianzhen looked for the steel frame and stepped on it carefully,Walked to the edge of the shed and landed lightly。
The noise comes from the warehouse on the left,Already sparse,Occasionally there will be two curses,Very vague,What is it,After carefully observing the surrounding environment and confirming safety,Li Tianzhen quickly got close to the warehouse,Hiding behind a pile of rotten wood。
The old factories are all repaired very high,Although only one floor,But the windows must be installed at least 2.5 meters above,The warehouse door is also very tall,at this time,Two people in black short-sleeved shirts came out one after another,Li Tianzhen looked familiar,No matter Tang Shiming or A Hao’s people were dressed in this dress,Black,All have a cool style。
The two are not out to watch the wind,Instead, I trot to find those two guys hiding in the corner to work,Four people filed out through the small door,Soon all the motorcycles parked outside the lane were pushed in,Then the inside and outside of the door squatted around for a while,Like in disguise。
Do all this,The four talents quickly closed and returned to the warehouse,Then he closed the door again,So far,The entire warehouse is silent。
Chapter VIII Early appearance
No matter how tall the warehouse is, Li Tianzhi,He is as light as a swallow,Use your hands and feet to climb up the two-meter-high window like a gecko swimming on the wall,But he is not eager to turn the window in,But to observe and quickly climb to another window,After repeated inspection,He is sure that there is no one in the huge warehouse,There must be another channel leading to other places。