“Reducing mouth and increasing life” said health

In the Jiaodong Peninsula, there is a popular slogan of “reducing mouth and increasing life”.

It sounds a bit ridiculous, but it is not unreasonable to consider it from the perspective of health care.

When people reach old age, the metabolic function of various systems of the body gradually declines.

At this time, if the food reaches a “very full” level, it will increase the burden of high blood pressure, resulting in excess energy in the body, and leading to obesity, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and the like.

The appropriate “half-reduction”, diet, in addition to preventing disease, can also delay brain aging.

People eat too much, there is a kind of substance called “fibroblast long factor” will grow rapidly in the brain, this substance is the main cause of cerebral arteriosclerosis, and cerebral arteriosclerosis is the predisposing factor of Alzheimer’s disease.

In the traditional medicine of the motherland, there is also the insertion of “multiple foods and food for the source of all diseases”.

Guan Zhong, an ancient politician, said: “If you have a diet, you will benefit from good health and longevity. If you have a diet, you will be tired and have a long life.

“Controlled diet is indeed an effective way to maintain health.

Therefore, those who are fatter in the body may wish to control their mouths and achieve the goal of increasing their lives by “reducing the mouth”.